Knife-free facelift hifu
UltraLift ™ HIFU is the most powerful knife-free facelift on the market. The procedure is suitable for raising the corners and skin around the eyes, firming the middle face and polishing the chin line.
Cityklinikka's laser treatments are suitable for smoothing the skin and for the targeted treatment of various skin problems. We have powerful Photona laser equipment at our disposal, which allows laser treatments to be tailored almost endlessly.
You can't really impact to your genes, but luckily there is Smile Eye Lift™. Under-eye area will look a lot more brighter, youthful and smoother.
At the City Clinic, cosmetic cellulite is treated with CelluTite, TiteFX and Shock Wave procedures.
Onychomycosis treatment is a easy cure for fungal nail infections, in a patient friendly, quick and effective way. Choose healthy feet!
tattoo removal
Tattoo removal is a series of laser treatments. The new, more effective FracTat ™ procedure allows for even more effective tattoo removal.