Body surgery

In some situations, plastic surgery provides the best solutions for body editing.

Injection treatments

Body-area injection treatments include mesotherapy treatments, meslank treatments, and lipolyysis injection treatments.


City Clinic offers a wide range of small surgical procedures to help you improve your body's appearance and enhance your overall wellbeing.

Device treatments

Effective device treatments for body shaping.


Body editing is accomplished through a variety of techniques.

plastic surgery

Aesthetic Plastic surgery corrects the face and body blemishes and ageing changes.


The steps to improve your appearance will help you look better and effective.

Well being

The City Clinic service offerings also include wellbeing and health-sustaining treatments.


Effective treatments for hair loss.


The City clinic offers professional and friendly service for all ages.

plastic surgery

During the last few years, the popularity and demand of plastic surgery has risen significantly among men.

Injection treatments

Effective injection treatments for men from the Cityclinic! Lipolysi injections, botulinum therapies and micro injections to improve skin condition.

minor surgery

Minor surgery for men: upper eyelid surgery, lower eyelid surgery, grease removal and hair implant.

Medical Skin Care

Medical skincare helps a man with a variety of skin problems.

Welfare, health and sexuality

The man's skin and body function differently from the woman.


The Helsinki City Clinic beauty Salon's service portfolio includes Norel ® Dr WILSZ-Facials, chemical exfoliations, micro-needles and duration dyes.

Deviced treatments for men

Device treatments promote a man's health and wellbeing and help the man look as good as possible, in style.


The man's body and skin act differently from the woman.

Injection treatments

Facial injection treatments may include botuline or filler treatments, lipolyysis, PRP or mesotherapy, mesanic therapies or skinbooster measures.

Minor surgery

Upper and lower eyelid cuts, lip surgery, wire and ribbon elevations.

Chemical peelings

The skin of the face can be peeled chemically or by energy-assisted.

Face surgery

Plastic surgery for face, cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery – City Clinic offers the best solutions.


The activities and appearance of the intimate area affect the mental wellbeing and sexual health of the woman.


The city clinic will undergo penile thickening measures as well as circumcision for men.

Genital treatments

Sometimes sexual activity or external essence does not appeal to your own or partner's eye.

Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery improves skin condition and appearance when light aesthetic measures are not enough.

Injection treatments

Injection treatments can help with a wide range of skin problems, whether they are aging, acne or local fatty accumulation.

Minor surgery

Minor-surgical interventions are surgeries that are performed most often under local anesthetic.

Medical skin care

Medical skin care implies a whole, which is made up of high-quality skin care products, regular skincare routines and light aesthetic measures.

Deviced treatments

Device treatments stimulate deep skin layers and smooth and brighten the surface layers of the skin.


The gynecologist Lazarus Mitrofanoff (Lasu) is with you at all stages of a woman's life.


The City clinic staff has been working on medical skin care for years.


Facial hair defects and changes in ageing can sometimes cause some mental harm.


Facial device treatments are assisted by laser, radio frequency or ultrasound.


Breast surgery solves the problems associated with breast size and shape.