TightSculpting is a laser procedure that removes fat, tightens the skin, and significantly lightens stretch marks. The procedure is suitable for almost any part of the body, including facial 'hamster pouches.'
Tattoo removal is a series of treatments performed with an efficient laser device. The new, more efficient FracTat™ method accelerates the breakdown and removal of color pigments.
Effective device treatments and new liposuction techniques come in handy if skin firming is unsuccessful at home.
The treatment of acne is successful with effective laser treatments and chemical peels. Often, peels and laser treatments are combined to achieve excellent results.
Acne scars can be smoothed with effective laser treatments or, to some extent, with medium-strength chemical peels.
Effective laser treatments, mild and medium-strength peels, and the exfoliating Spot Eraser treatment are suitable for lightening pigment spots. Combining these procedures achieves good results.
Liver spots and other pigment changes can be lightened and even removed with effective laser and peel treatments.
Couperose, broken blood vessels, and other vascular changes can be treated either with lasers or through injections.
ClearSteps ™ is an effective and safe laser treatment for nail fungus. The treatment is quick and simple for the patient. Results are achieved four times with serial therapy.
Vaginal dryness can be treated without hormones. Studies show that laser treatment achieves the same results as topical preparations used in the vagina.
Sweating and excessive sweating can be treated. Botulin is suitable for the temporary elimination of sweating in almost all parts of the body. MiraDry permanently eliminates underarm sweating.