Genital treatments

Sometimes sexual activity or external essence does not appeal to your own or partner's eye.

Sometimes sexual activity or external essence does not appeal to your own or partner’s eye. Then the solution can be sought in the search for aesthetic medicine.

In the city clinic, you can come to a free consultation, so you can talk to your doctor or nurse about the issues you are bothering with in confidence. If it seems difficult to get into a clinic, you can start the process by sending us an email.

A doctor and a plastic surgeon, as well as a gynecologist for women, will make a more intimate city clinic.


Gynecomastia – man boobs – is treatable

Hormone-induced breast hyperplasia is treated surgically. Local fat deposits in the chest can be treated with liposuction.
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Control urinary incontinence with IncontiLase™ treatment

Urinary incontinence can be controlled with pelvic floor exercises if it is a mild symptom. If mild to moderate urinary incontinence is not facilitated by exercise, laser treatment or tape surgery may be considered.
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Laser vaginal tightening

If the looseness of the vagina is not due to deposition, help can be found with IntimLase ™ laser treatment. Vaginal laser tightening is a quick procedure.
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Vaginal dryness away with a laser

Vaginal dryness can be treated without hormones. Studies show that laser treatment achieves the same results as topical preparations used in the vagina.
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Plastic surgery - general

Those planning an operation should look for as much information as possible about the operation, anesthesia, and recovery time. You are welcome to Cityklinikka!
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