Genital treatments

Sometimes sexual activity or external essence does not appeal to your own or partner's eye.

Sometimes sexual activity or external essence does not appeal to your own or partner’s eye. Then the solution can be sought in the search for aesthetic medicine.

In the city clinic, you can come to a free consultation, so you can talk to your doctor or nurse about the issues you are bothering with in confidence. If it seems difficult to get into a clinic, you can start the process by sending us an email.

A doctor and a plastic surgeon, as well as a gynecologist for women, will make a more intimate city clinic.


Premature ejaculation - botulinum toxin treatment

Premature ejaculation is a very common issue. Can be treated with botulinum toxin.
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IPL hair removal

IPL-treatment uses a device based on light pulses, IPL = Intensed Pulse Light. Effective hair removal.
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Gynecomastia – man boobs – is treatable

Hormone-induced breast hyperplasia is treated surgically. Local fat deposits in the chest can be treated with liposuction.
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Penis thickening

Penis thickening is almost always done with the patient's own fat. Also fillers can be used.
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Men's intimate procedures

Dr. Riikka Veltheim, a specialist in plastic surgery, performs scrotal lift surgeries and circumcisions for men in Helsinki.
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Pubic area liposuction

Pubic area liposuction may be considered if the appearance of the penis is not pleasing to oneself or one's partner.
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Intimate surgery and intimate procedures

The appearance and function of the intimate area can be corrected with minor procedures and surgical treatments. In addition to plastic surgeon Veltheim, Mitrofanoff, a gynecologist, performs intimate surgical procedures.
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Circumcision is a procedure in which the foreskin is removed from around the penis. In Finland, this procedure is almost always done for medical reasons, such as tightness of the foreskin.
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Plastic surgery - general

Those planning an operation should look for as much information as possible about the operation, anesthesia, and recovery time. You are welcome to Cityklinikka!
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