Lip filling and shaping is a quick procedure, done by injecting hyaluronic acid in the lips red area or lip border.
Combo treatment is an appearance-enhancing and rejuvenating combination procedure. The treatment involves the use of both fillers (hyaluronic acid/calcium derivatives) and botulinum toxin.
Hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin are popular cosmetic treatments used to enhance facial appearance and reduce the signs of aging. When injected into the skin, they add volume and moisture, smoothing out wrinkles, lines, and folds.
The starting point for filler treatment is the man's own wishes and expectations. A well-done filler treatment elegantly highlights the best aspects of a man.
Filler treatments reduce wrinkles and fill in features. The removal of wrinkles and the filling of the lips is done by increasing the volume of the tissues and stimulating the skin's own collagen production.
The skin on the backs of the hands can be rejuvenated through various procedures and treatment regimens.
Fat transfer is a type of filler treatment where the filler material is the patient's own fat. The end result is significant yet highly natural.
Facial fat transfer strongly rejuvenates the face, yet it's nearly impossible for an outsider to notice that the face has been treated.