Breast surgery solves the problems associated with breast size and shape.

Breast surgery solves the problems associated with breast size and shape. The appearance of the breast affects many factors, including age, pregnancies, weight fluctuations, hereditary factors and skin elasticity. Breasts can also be eg. Different. It is typical and normal for the breasts to be of different shapes and sizes. In most women. Sometimes the appearance of the breast may interfere with the person itself. Fat-transfer slopes or breast reduction/facelift surgery are popular aesthetic measures both in the world and in Finland. Breast surgery is a very personal thing for everyone. Every woman should make a decision according to her own personal desires.


Fat transfer to the breasts

Breast augmentation can be done with a fat transfer. The best results are obtained by combining breast fat transfer with breast implant surgery.
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Breast reduction

Large and heavy breasts can cause neck, shoulder and back pain. Breast reduction surgery is a plastic surgical procedure in which large, heavy breasts are reduced.
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Other breast surgery

In Cityklinikka, we also perform other specialized breast procedures. You are warmly welcome to our clinic in Helsinki!
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Breast implant surgery

Breast implant surgery. We have chosen Motiva® as our top brand for breast implants due to its exceptionally high quality and advanced technology. New from Paris! Implants & liposuction combo: a soft, even more natural result.
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Breast lift surgery

Breast lift surgery corrects the appearance of sagging breasts. Breast lift is often combined with breast augmentation or reduction surgery.
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3D technology - see results before surgery

Crisalix is a 3D simulator that allows you to see the result of the operation well in advance of the day of the operation.
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Gynekomastia surgery

Male breast hyperplasia is treated with two techniques. Gynecomastia surgery removes tissue from the breast. Liposuction is possible if there is extra fat in the chest area.
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Plastic surgery - general

Those planning an operation should look for as much information as possible about the operation, anesthesia, and recovery time. You are welcome to Cityklinikka!
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