Loyalty program members earn loyalty points from purchases made in the online store, which are converted into personal discount codes. Members can also receive loyalty offers and other benefits based on their loyalty membership.

These loyalty program terms apply to the Cityklinikka online store – Pay in Installments! (0978621-4) and to the consumer customer who has joined as a member. By joining as a member, you accept these terms and agree to abide by the terms in force at any given time.


Loyalty program membership is free of charge and is granted to private individuals who are at least 18 years old. One person can have only one membership. Membership is valid indefinitely. You can join by creating a customer account at https://ckl-online.fi/account/register and accepting the loyalty program terms at the same time. A registered customer can join the loyalty program in the My Information section of the customer account.

Membership can be terminated at any time by contacting our customer service or by terminating the membership independently in the My Information section of the customer account. Upon termination, the loyalty member loses the points accumulated and any other benefits based on the membership.

Cityklinikka online store – Pay in Installments! (0978621-4) reserves the right to terminate the loyalty member’s membership if the customer has violated these terms, deliberately misused the loyalty program’s point system contrary to the benefit program’s purpose, or if there is reason to suspect that the customer’s membership or the loyalty program is being misused.

Deleting the customer account and/or removing information from the customer register will automatically terminate the loyalty membership, causing accumulated points and any other benefits based on the membership to expire.


By joining the loyalty program, the member agrees to receive monthly updates on the accumulation of loyalty points.

Loyalty points are accumulated as follows:

Joining: 60 loyalty points
Purchases: 1 loyalty point for every €1.00 spent
Points for joining are granted only once per customer.

Points from purchases accumulate only from orders made by logged-in customers. Points cannot be registered to an order or customer retroactively. Points from purchases are calculated based on the value of the products in the order. Points are not accumulated from shipping costs or gift cards, and any discounts reduce the accumulation of points. Points are awarded at the delivery stage of the order.

Cancelled and returned orders will reduce the accumulation of loyalty points retroactively as well.


Accumulated loyalty points are converted into personal discount codes monthly, once the accumulation of unused loyalty points exceeds the points required for a discount code.

Monthly loyalty point accumulation:

165 points: €5.00 discount code
250 points: €7.50 discount code
330 points: €10.00 discount code
500 points: €15.00 discount code
1000 points: €30.00 discount code
1500 points: €45.00 discount code
2000 points: €60.00 discount code
2500 points: €75.00 discount code
3000 points: €90.00 discount code
3500 points: €105.00 discount code
4000 points: €120.00 discount code
4500 points: €135.00 discount code
5000 points: €150.00 discount code
5500 points: €165.00 discount code
6000 points: €180.00 discount code
6500 points: €195.00 discount code
7000 points: €210.00 discount code
7500 points: €225.00 discount code
8000 points: €240.00 discount code
8500 points: €255.00 discount code
9000 points: €270.00 discount code
9500 points: €285.00 discount code
10000 points: €300.00 discount code

New personal discount codes are delivered to members’ customer accounts monthly. New discount codes are also communicated in the monthly loyalty message sent via email.

The validity period of a discount code is 24 months from the date of issuance.

Discount codes must be used by a logged-in customer.

Discount codes cannot be exchanged for cash.


We process your personal data in the loyalty program based on your consent. The personal data processed includes your name, address, email address, phone number, purchase information, and any other information you may provide, which we use to offer benefits and offers based on the loyalty membership and for marketing communications related to the loyalty program.

For detailed information on the processing of personal data, please refer to our Privacy Statement.


Cityklinikka online store – Pay in Installments! (0978621-4) reserves the right to change the loyalty program terms at any time. Changes will be announced on the Cityklinikka online store – Pay in Installments! website and/or via email. If you do not accept the changes, you can terminate your loyalty program membership. By continuing to use the service after the changes take effect, you agree to accept the changes.

Cityklinikka online store – Pay in Installments! (0978621-4) reserves the right to terminate the loyalty program by notifying members one month before the termination takes effect.

If the loyalty program ends due to legislation, an authority’s order, or a similar reason, the loyalty program and its memberships may also end immediately without prior notice, causing the accumulation of points and any other accumulated benefits to expire and become void immediately without compensation.


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