The gynecologist Lazarus Mitrofanoff (Lasu) is with you at all stages of a woman's life.

The gynecologist Lazarus Mitrofanoff (Lasu) is with you at all stages of a woman’s life. At the city clinic, he will serve you among other things:


Gynaaromatic Studies

Gynecidal Symptoms and diseases

Hormone treatments

Pregnancy planning and monitoring

Small measures for intimate areas

Intimate surgery

Lazarus Mitrofanoff is a doctor of medicine, specialist in gynaecology and general practitioner.


Contraception, pregnancy monitoring

Gynecological examinations

During the basic gynecological examination, i.e. the internal examination, the breasts and the mucous membranes of the vagina and vulva are examined, and the uterus is palpated.
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Control urinary incontinence with IncontiLase™ treatment

Urinary incontinence can be controlled with pelvic floor exercises if it is a mild symptom. If mild to moderate urinary incontinence is not facilitated by exercise, laser treatment or tape surgery may be considered.
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Laser vaginal tightening

If the looseness of the vagina is not due to deposition, help can be found with IntimLase ™ laser treatment. Vaginal laser tightening is a quick procedure.
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Vaginal dryness away with a laser

Vaginal dryness can be treated without hormones. Studies show that laser treatment achieves the same results as topical preparations used in the vagina.
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Other intimate procedures

In addition to basic gynecological examinations, Gynecologist Lasarus Mitrofanoff performs small procedures on intimate areas and more demanding intimate surgery at Cityklinikka.
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