Body editing is accomplished through a variety of techniques.

Body editing is accomplished through a variety of techniques. Our wide range of measures is a solution to every body problem.


CoolSculpting revolutionizes fat removal

FDA approved CoolSculpting freezes fat off. Over 5 million successful CoolSculpting treatments - lasting results without surgery.
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Body-Jet WAL — water jet liposuction

Body-Jetis a water jet liposuction. Compared to traditional liposuction surgeries, it is more gentle. Recovery is also rapid.
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Permanent hair removal with laser or miraSmooth technique

Permanent hair removal can be performed with a powerful laser. Permanent hair removal in the armpit area can also be done with the miraSmooth method.
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No More Sweating With miraDry

Don't you need to sweat? Of course! But not from your underarms. Dramatically reduce underarm sweat and odor. Permanent results with miraDry.
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Firming the skin

Effective device treatments and new liposuction techniques come in handy if skin firming is unsuccessful at home.
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BodyTite is a knife-free, radio-frequency-assisted liposuction that removes fat and firms the skin. The procedures are performed at the Helsinki Cityklinikka.
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Abdominoplasty — Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty is an abdominal tightening operation. The operation tightens the loose skin and abdominal muscles and absorbs excess fat.
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Liposuction is a surgical procedure in which the body is modified by removing fat cells. Because the removed fat cells do not grow back, the treatment result is permanent.
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Cellulite permanently away

At the City Clinic, cosmetic cellulite is treated with CelluTite, TiteFX and Shock Wave procedures.
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Clearsteps Onychomycosis Treatment

Onychomycosis treatment is a easy cure for fungal nail infections, in a patient friendly, quick and effective way. Choose healthy feet!
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3D technology - see results before surgery

Crisalix is a 3D simulator that allows you to see the result of the operation well in advance of the day of the operation.
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Cellulite treatment — CelluTite

Cellulite cannot be removed by liposuction. However, from BodyTite liposuction technique there has been developed a CelluTite application to smooth and even eliminate cellulite. Lasting results!
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Fat transfer to the buttocks — Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift is a fat transfer to the buttocks. The procedure reveals the roundness of the buttocks and the hourglass shape of the body.
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Non-surgical procedures

Gynecomastia – man boobs – is treatable

Hormone-induced breast hyperplasia is treated surgically. Local fat deposits in the chest can be treated with liposuction.
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Intimate surgery and intimate procedures

The appearance and function of the intimate area can be corrected with minor procedures and surgical treatments. In addition to plastic surgeon Veltheim, Mitrofanoff, a gynecologist, performs intimate surgical procedures.
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Plastic surgery - general

Those planning an operation should look for as much information as possible about the operation, anesthesia, and recovery time. You are welcome to Cityklinikka!
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