Active Money as a payment option is validate for a purchase over 500 euro.

Interest-free installment when paying with Active Money! 

Buy now — pay later with up to 20 month interest-free installment. When Active Money Agreement is validated by a bank there is no any costs you to pay when coming to the proceeding time. Bill will be delivered to your home in next month.

  1. With MasterCard you can conveniently pay every proceed.
  2. You can draw out cash from MasterCard machine or transfer money from credit account to your bank account.
  3. Credit limit up to 10 000 euro.
  4. Account is ready to use immediately after you have received your card.
  5. Up to 20 month interest-free installment.
  6. After interest-free installment you can pay whole purchase or in a part payment with instalment interest. Smallest amortization of capital assets is 4 % of the amount.
  7. There is a one or two interest-free installment month for you every year.
  8. Account management fee is 5 € / month if installment is over 6 month.
  9. Active Money Agreement have to be done atleast month before the proceeding time.
  10. When you have received the decision to your home, please call us tel. +358 201 777 288.

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